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  Jobs fair China style: Tens of thousands of graduates hit event where they wait hours for just a minutes with potential employers


  Tens of thousands of desperate graduates queued for hours at a jobs fair in Chongqing, China, as they scrambled for just a few thousand new roles.


  The fair was attended by around 150 companies who were looking to fill around 9,000 positions. Attending graduates had to queue for 公司 地址hours to speak for just a few minutes to potential employers.


  The pictures were released amid growing uncertainty over the future of the jobs market in China. According to China’s Education Ministry, 6.8 million students will graduate in 2012 from universities and colleges, but the economy has showed signs of slowing down.


  Crush: Tens of thousands of hopeful graduates flooded a jobs fair in Chongqing, China. Questions are being asked about the number of jobs available for young people in the Communist nation


  Desperate: Graduates are crushed against the booth of a company offering employment. G設立 公司 地址etting simple unemployment figure for China is hard because of a vast pool of off-the-grid migrant workers


  Sea of humanity: 6.8 million students will graduate in 2012 from universities and colleges, according to Chinese government figures.



  This month Shanghai news website Eastday reported one in eleven college graduates have been jobless for a year, raising concerns among the public and prompting calls for the government to accelerate public spending to stimulate the economy.


  In a blog, Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the 21st Century Education Research Center, quoted a ’2012 Graduate Employment Report’, which showed that 570,000 of 6.8 million college graduates in 2011 remained jobless one year after graduation.


  Among them, more than 100,000 don’t go to school, work or train in a new skill and rely on support from their parents.
  Getting a simple overview of China’s labour market is complicated as the nation’s official jobless figure does not count the 200 million migrant labourers who staff the country’s factories and construction sites.


  The UK faces a similar post-higher education problem. Researchers from Warwick University found that graduates are also struggling to find jobs that justify the debts they have built up in getting their degrees, with four in ten failing to get work that requires their qualifications, while one in ten have spent at least six months on the dole.

  在英國,面對著相似的後高級教育問題。從華威年夜學結業的研討者發明他們同樣要為他們在公司 登記 地址 營業 地址修業期間負下的債權而鬥爭找事業。有五分之二的結業生由於不切合事業職位的要求而沒有找到事業,十個中就有一個至多在六個月期間依賴掉業接濟金餬口。

  Interviews: Most candidates had just minutes to impress potential employers


  Prospects: 150 companies attended the Chongqing fair, offering a combined 9,000 jobs


  Smiles: Three friends break away from the crowd, which numbered in the tens of thousands


  逐日新素材,等你來認領! http://www.ltaaa.com/translation
  原創翻譯:龍騰網 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻譯:翻譯加工場 轉錄發載請註明來由


  Over population and increasing reliabilty on technology will mean more people out of work!
  - adam, London, United Kingdom, 28/11/2012 23:11


  .i can hear the noise coming from there lol
  - Jo, here, United States, 28/11/2012 23:27


  .Is this a cloning lab?
  - Keyboard Warrior, London, 28/11/2012 23:57


  .”is this a cloning lab?- Keyboard Warrior, London, 28/11/2012″
  What an awful thing to say
  - jdolb, somewhere only we know, 29/11/2012 0:33


  - veritee77, london, United Kingdom, 29/11/2012 0:33


  .At least they’re trying… unlike a certain country where its people just sit around in government-funded housing, getting government benefits. Anyone think that the self-entitled Brit students would line up for hours with tens of thousands of competing students to get a chance at employment like this??
  - zzoo, usa, 29/11/2012 0:34


  .Over population and increasing reliabilty on technology will mean more people out of work! – adam , London, United Kingdom, 28/11/2012 15:11…..And China’s new leader is not an engineer like most of the recent leaders, the new one is a ’Humanities’ major, maybe China will let their social and economic left destroy their culture and economies like we let ours.
  - Robert, Atlanta, 29/11/2012 0:40


  .Fantastic picture, people who really want a job trying their best. Only time you get a Que like that in the UK is for X factor, that Que is also full of jobless people,but they want it all and want it the easy way.
  - Judge Dirk, wales, United Kingdom, 29/11/2012 0:59



  .”Jobs fair China style: Tens of thousands of graduates hit event where they wait hours for just a minutes with potential employers” It is a mistake like the above on a CV that will cost people a job personally I think it is stuff like that which is 公司 註冊 處 地址harsh.
  - James, London, 29/11/2012 1:15


  .This would never happen in the USA, graduates with philosophy and basket weaving degrees just sit at home and apply for benefits on line!
  - Dennis, Feltre, Italy, 29/11/2012 1:17


  .Lining up and clambering all over one another to get a job in which they will be exploited and controlled by China.
  - Wordsworthbloke, London, United Kingdom, 29/11/2012 1:18


  .Wonder how many are reading History of Art, Literature, Philosophy, Classics or even Politics. Is Political Science is even taught in China?
  - Bee, Anon, United Kingdom, 29/11/2012 2:43


  .I’m claustrophobic and even these pictures have made my heart beat faster. I couldn’t do it. No matter how much I needed a job.
  - AnonK, Dublin, 29/11/2012 3:09


  .At first glance I thought it was the social security benefits’ office in Britain.
  - Alan, Manchester, 29/11/2012 3:27


  .If this was the UK the job fair would be empty – this would be the scene from the benefit office.
  - whatever, wherever, 29/11/2012 4:04


  .TOO many People! In time this will be seen all over the world as child birth goes unchecked. keep having kids!!!!!
  - maveriiick, Toronto, 29/11/2012 4:55

  太多人瞭,假如不把公司 地址 出租持嬰兒誕生率,不久全世界都是如許的景象瞭,規劃生養!!!!

  .Just like cattle waiting to be slaughtered. Satan loves you.
  - ethel m, london, United Kingdom, 29/11/2012 5:31


  .This could have been done online and the most qualified then will be contacted for further screening. It doesn’t make any sense at all.
  - mgiwa7, fremont, 29/11/2012 9:07


  .I wish them all GOODLUCK.
  - just wondering, anywhere, United States, 29/11/2012 9:20


  .Having participated in lots of these events in China. They all want GOOD jobs, not just any old job! Some of the resumes I have vetted would make even Obama blush.
  - Dragonhead, Wellington, 29/11/2012 9:51


  .It’s been like this for years. In future China will have more places for students than it has students. Many of the young people in the picture will be well educated, computer literate and probably bi-lingual. They are the competition. Don’t feel sorry for them. Eventually most will get a job, but many will get a job that is way below their original aspirations. Families will go to unbelievable lengths to get their child the best education available. For these kids it’s now payback time. And don’t have too many hang ups about exploitation.This isn’t the section of society that gets exploited. These folks are the emerging “middleclass” with their iPhones, cars and apartments. Life might seem tough for them right now but in ten years time they will be better off than most graduates in the West.
  - Rogerthe Saint, Shanghai, 29/11/2012 9:54



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